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Available Services

Pet care

We will stay at your home with your pet. We care for your pets per your instructions as we also provide comfort and love to your beloved family member. And, we will provide you with daily updates and photos if requested - at no additional charge.

Grooming and Limited medical care

Is your family member a little stinky?

We will bathe your pet  and trim their nails, if requested. 


However, if your pet is resistant to having their nails trimmed, we will not cause stress for the pet or put ourselves at risk.


We will bathe and groom horses and attend farriers at your request - for an additional charge.


We can provide medicines at your request - for an additional chage.

Drop in visits

Does your friend need some time in the yard or need to take walk? Do they need to be lunged or exercised? 


We will drop by your home to take your pet for a walk or let them out to play in the play in the yard for 30 min.

You will receive updates and photos if requested - at no additional charge.

If your horses need to be lunged or exercised, we can do that too!

Services and prices

House sitting - Full Pet Care - $45/night

- stay at your home

- pick up mail/water plants etc.

- care for your pet per your exact instructions

- updates and pictures

*for 2 pets; an additional $10 will be charged for each additional pet

Barn Siting (up to 3 horses) - $100/night

- muck stalls

- turn out and bring horses back in

- feed and water

- general cleaning of barn

- grooming and bathing if requested

** for more than 3 horses - include $25 per horse

Grooming and Medical Care

Bathe - $20

Nail trim - $25

Clean ears - $15

Horse bathing/grooming - $50

Attend Farrier visit - $15

Administer medicine - $15

Drop-in Visits

Drop in visit - 15 min - $10

Drop in visit - 30 min (with yard) - $25

Drop in visit - 20 min walk - $30

Lunge horse 20 min - $30

Exercise horse - 1 hour riding in designated space - $40


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Services and prices