Why Is It Good For Pets To Stay In The Home When Traveling?

Some people prefer to put their pets in a boarding place or kennel when they travel or even just when they work long hours. It's actually not as good of an idea as most people believe it to be. I'm sure many of you have heard the horror stories owners have told after getting their pet back from a kennel. It has been my experience that it is much better for pets to stay at home because they feel more comfortable and you'll be able to receive faster up to date details during the stay from a pet sitter.

Why do pets feel more comfortable in the home you might ask? Well think about it, wouldn't you rather stay at home rather than go to a stange place with strange people that you don't know for an extended amount of time? With boarding kennels, most pets get really stressed out. According to Petsmile, "With so many animals staying at boarding kennel facilities at a time, the environment can sometimes be far too chaotic for sensitive or anxious animals." (Fernando, Going on vacation? pet sitter vs. boarding kennel 2020). Tons of owners bring their pets to boarding kennels thinking that it's a good idea, when in reality, their pet is extremely scared and uncomfortable due to the amount of pets in the kennel.

Most pet sitters, such as myself, prioritize your pet's well being over anything else. A pet sitter will send you daily pictures of your pet and give you updates on how your pet is doing throughout the day. If something is wrong with your pet, like if they get sick or hurt, a pet sitter will notify you the second it happens. I have had clients in the past, who I will keep anonymous for their privacy, have told me they tried boarding before, but their pet was given back to them with an injury they didn't know about and it ended up getting infected.

With all that being said, I urge people to hire a pet sitter whom they trust to keep their four legged family member safe and comfortable in the home. A kennel may be convenient, but your pet's comfortability and stress levels are more important!

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